Hi, in this blog post you will learn about the basic data structure called Linked Lists,

Why Linked Lists, how to use them effectively, application of Linked Lists, advantages and disadvantages of Linked Lists, Operations that you can perform on Linked Lists. Time and Space Complexity Analysis of Linked Lists.

So lets start with the basic introduction about the Linked Lists.

I believe you are some what familiar with array, Linked lists were made to overcome the problems that array has.

In arrays you cannot add more data then the size of the defined array, now you might say we…

Today, I’m going to discuss serverless, but first, let’s define what serverless actually means.
Does it mean that there are no servers involved?
The answer is no.

What it means is that you’re as a developer are not responsible for managing and provisioning of these servers, it’s sort of outsourced to the cloud provider whereas you are as a developer focused on writing code or business logic.

Okay, now that we have defined what serverless mean, now let’s have look at the stages of deployment models over the past years:-

  1. Bare Metal.

In Bare metal days you were managing and…

Neel Deshmukh


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